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Information Pack

Below are a few things to make your stay with us enjoyable.

Contacting the site during your stay

You will normally see me around the site during the day. However, you can text (or call if we have not responded immediately) on the mobile 07450 232 807 or 07483 296 981. We are available 24x7 so you should not be concerned about calling if your requirement justifies it.

Pre-arrival and arrival

If your estimated arrival changes, please let us know with as much notice as possible. We are happy to extend the hours of arrival (normally 1-7pm) but this is dependent on pitches being available. If you would like to come early, please check with us the day before and we can see if we can accommodate.

The driveway in the campsite is sufficient to hold several vehicles but we would ask all to ensure that you are queueing within the site and keep moving forward to allow others. Do not queue outside of the farm gates.


We assume that motorhomes will need to park up near the water point. For this reason, motorhomes will be directed to the most appropriate tap for doing this and we will then pitch you once complete.

If you would like Jon to reverse your tourer into the space, then please ensure you have arranged this in advance. You should park up in the parking area opposite the stable block so Jon can unhitch you and hitch his vehicle to your tourer. 

Water Taps, Grey and Black Waste and Bin Area

There are several drinking water taps around the site. We will show you the one nearest your pitch if you are not on a fully serviced pitch. Any of the water taps can be used for drinking water (apart from the ones next to the waste points).

There are disposable gloves available at the waste points. Please dispose of these, if used, in the bins provided.

Ensure you use the correct waste points for grey and black waste. Please rinse using the tap and ensure these are left clean.


We are not on mains sewage and have invested in a treatment plant which requires the use of biodegradable liquid. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER TYPE as these contain formaldehyde and the system cannot process this.


The bins are in the stable block. We have secured the room so that you can access the in-use bin. 

Toilets and showers

The toilets and showers are open 24x7 but we will close them temporarily during the day whilst we perform cleaning.

Cleaning products and disposable paper towel are provided. Please clean before and after use to ensure they are left clean fpr the next person. 

We will perform thorough cleaning throughout the day and into the evening, but we do expect that the facilities are left as found.

Pedal bins are provided in the block for all waste from cleaning and drying hands. The small bin in the ladies cubicle should only be used for sanitary products.  

Pitch Fields

Please stay away from pitch boundaries and do not go onto any pitch other than your own, even if it is empty.

Avoid touching the ehu points apart for the purpose of plugging in and out. If the electric trips for any reason, please contact us and we will come and resolve.

Please keep the noise to acceptable levels people are here for the peace and quiet.

Note visitors are not allowed on any part of the site.

No open fires or firepits of any sort. BBQs can be used for cooking only. Please use only BBQs that are on stands. Have water close at hand.

No music and TVs on  low volume  inside not audible from outside. 

Electric cars must NOT be charged on the pitches. There is a charging point on site. Please contact Jon to arrange to pay and use.

If connecting your unit directly to a tap please insure it does not leak any leaking taps willbe turned off.

please check your pitch when you vacate to make sure no litter is left behind.

Please note we do not allow flashing/lit flagpoles or any electric lighting. We are not that big a site that you can't find your unit and we do supply solar lighting to every pitch.

No heaters in awnings.

Fire pits or campfires are not allowed onsite.

Stable block facilities

Our pop-up farm shop supplying basics will be open this season. 

The shop stocks local jams, chutneys, soft drinks, ice, ice-cream, animal feed and basic supplies. This is an honesty shop with a Point-of-Sale terminal that you can use to tap and pay using your card.

The Wi-Fi/Book room is open and the Wi-Fi is accessible around the stable block. The Wi-Fi code is written on the stable block door.

Take-away menus are available in the shop. If you order a take-away (Chinese, Indian, Pizza, burgers and kebabs) are available, the delivery driver will meet you here in the stableblock. The drivers normally text just prior to arriving but the reception on the roads to the site is not always reliable so please head over at the expected arrival time. Menus are available in the shop. Prices do sometimes change so always best to check the total when ordering and if delivery charge applies.

The washing up sinks are located behind the shower block.

The dog shower is located .opposite the washing up sinks.

Walk and dog enclosures

There are dog walks onsite please keep your dog on a lead at all times unless in the dog enclosures.

Clear up mess immediately and use the bin provided.

There are 3 enclosures where you can close the gate and let your dog off the lead.

Enclosures 2 and 3 are via the first enclosure. Please be aware that on entering/exiting an enclosure that dog/dogs may be off lead.

There is a  poo bin as you enter the first enclosure.

Only feed the animals the food that can be bought in the shop. Do not enter the animal (non-dog) enclosures.

During quiet time

We have a strict no unnecessary noise policy between 10:30pm and 8am. At other times please be considerate to others.

If you need to leave the site or enter the site during quiet times (10:30pm to 8am) please be careful of noise and mindful of headlights etc.

The main gate is left open either until everyone is in, or we have gone to bed (whichever is the earlier) or during quiet times. The gates are not locked and have farm gate latches. Please close the gate if it was closed on your arrival or departure. 

If you need assistance during your stay

IPlease call on 07450 232 807. We keep our phone on 24x7.  Only call after 9pm if it is a real emergency or the power has tripped in the whole site. You can check if you are only impacted by checking the shower block.


Check-out is at 11am.

On departure check the pitch thoroughly to ensure nothing is left behind.

If you leave earlier than your intended stay, please advise the site so we can update our  records.

We are required to hold your registration information for our licensing body requirements to record who has attended the site. This information will not be used for marketing or added to our mailing list unless you formally accept to have your information used for this purpose.

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